Programma Invito evento United Nations



November 16, 2023 – 4.30/6.00 pm

United Nations Headquarters
405 E 45th St
General Assembly Building
Conference Room 5


Opening Remarks

(3 mins. each)

  • Ambassador Maurizio Massari
    Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN
  • Ambassador Maria del Carmen Squeff
    Permanent Representative of Argentina to the UN
  • Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane TBC
    Permanent Representative of Japan to the UN
  • Eliot Minchenberg
    Director, UNESCO Office in New York

Ms Simona Renieri – moderator

Panel discussion :

Between Tradition and Innovation:
Sustainable practices for food, nutrition and well-being

  • Chef Heinz Beck*** Michelin
    12 minutes
  • Qu Guangzhou – Director, FAO in New York
    5 minutes
  • Francesco Zurlo and Prof. Matteo Oreste Ingaramo – University of Politecnico di Milano
    8 minutes
  • Prof.ssa Antonella Andriani , Vice Presidente Adi(Associazione per il Design Industriale)
    3 minutes
  • Carlo Di Cristo – Scientist on Fermentation and Yeast
    5 minutes
  • Ms Nicoletta Mantovani – President of Luciano Pavarotti Foundation
    3 minutes
  • Camilla BaresaniCultural and food journalist
    3 minutes
  • Antonella Bondi – Olfactory Designer
    3 minutes

Closing Remarks
(2 minutes)

  • Ambassador Gianluca Greco
    Deputy Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN

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